Friday, December 27, 2019

Jalan Jalan Japan, KIP Mall, Bangi

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone!

I would like to wish all my Christian readers, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May your life be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish!

Since this holiday season is just begun, I would like to share something or actually a place that you can enjoy with your families and friends! Last Saturday, I got invited to attend Pre Opening of Jalan Jalan Japan (JJJ) new branch in KIP Mall, Bangi. They are selling a wide range of preloved goods from Japan! Not just clothes, but also toys (imagine they also have rare version of Ultraman if you're an avid collectors!), strollers, car seats, stationeries, gymnasium sets, golf sets, handbags, shoes, home decors, you just name it! To be honest, I never been to any Jalan Jalan Japan store before as they actually already has 4 stores in Malaysia. They opened their first JJJ Superstore in November 2016 at One City Sky Park, USJ. Then, with strong support from Malaysian customers, they were able to open their second JJJ Superstore at 1 Shamelin Mall in September 2017. In 2018, they opened their third JJJ Superstore at Centrepoint, Seremban to an enthusiastic crowd and fourth JJJ Superstore at M3 Mall, Gombak. 

When I entered the JJJ Superstore in KIP Mall, I was in awed because, first, I did not smell anything like 'kedai bundle' smells, I mean there is but not as strong as other preloved or bundle store, the superstore is huge, every goods arranged very well according to their sections, and good number of staffs. You may not find trouble searching for staff if you want to ask something because it's easy to reach them and they are all very helpful and friendly. Here, I'm gonna share top 10 reasons why you should come and visit Jalan Jalan Japan!

1. Hot Steam Process

All clothing items undergo a hot steaming process, cleaning them, and clothes emerge odorless and are lightly ironed and prepared for shipment to the stores. This is the reason why the store did not have strong smells of 'kedai bundle. Coz they really took care of their preloved goods carefully before display it to the customers!

2. Why Pay Full Price?

Jalan Jalan Japan prides itself in its ability to offer preloved goods at a fraction of the price when they are new. With a hundred ringgit, most shoppers will be able to take home a great big happy bundle of goods. I considered myself very lucky when I found Le Creuset Set of 2 Mini Heart Ramekin with Lid & Rose Tray Quartz at only RM60! Did you know how much it cost if it is in full price? 

....And it equals to RM350++ ! I probably will not buy them in full price ever haha.

And this is my Le Creuset that I found in Jalan Jalan Japan, KIP Mall, Bangi that cost me only RM60! Comes in full set and almost without any stain! I guess this is a new stuff or the previous owner just did not use them at all, only for display perhaps? 

3. Last Saturday of the Month promo : TaPauSab

For now three of their stores holds a promotional TaPauSab event every last Saturday of the month. Participating outlets are JJJ at One City Sky Park, USJ, JJJ 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras and JJJ Centerpoint Seremban. At the TaPauSab event, shoppers can shop for ladies apparels in a a sectioned are. RM5 gets you a bag. You can fill it with as many clothes as you can. We must be able to seal the bag and the bag must not burst. For RM10 you get 3 bags!

4. Shop with Confidence!

Shopping at Jalan Jalan Japan can be a challenge as what you like is also what other like. Hence you will need to shop with some confidence! 

5. 5% Selfie Discount

Save 5% off your total purchase price when you post a full face selfie on your own social media pages with hashtag #hargagiler #jalanjalanjapanmy . Half face, hidden face and masked face do not qualify for discounts.


I swear at first, I just did not know where to go first haha. I decided to check on the clothes first, I bought 2 blazers for work and it cost me only RM10 each! Imagine I usually bought blazers at RM100+. 

Ladies shoes section. Most shoes are around RM20 to RM30~

If you are expecting, I recommend you to check out baby gears here too! So many different branded brands, everything is still in good condition. No worries. They sell new diapers as well!

So many choices of rattan bag that suitable for your beach getaway!

I like this one! So cute, still nice condition inside and outside and only RM15!

Then I just decided to check on myself on the mirror and suddenly realised this stand mirror is only RM30!!! OMG!

I actually loveeeeee the kitchen cabinet toy on the right.. My bad, I did not pick it up and someone else took it right away. This is why you really need to shop with confidence! Don't be like me. Sobs still crying until now haha. Coz the kitchen cabinet is so expensive and here is only RM70. Why I had second thought?!!! 

I guess that's all for now. Please COME and VISIT Jalan Jalan Japan, KIP Mall, Bangi TOMORROW, 28th December 2019. They gonna open to public tomorrow starting at 10am till 10pm. You never know what you may find at Jalan Jalan Japan! You'll be surprised! 

See you there, tomorrow guys! Thanks for reading,

Much love,
Ajwin Ajeera