Monday, March 1, 2010

1st Task - International Women's Day Celebration

If you had read one of my previous entries about this event or if you are not reading it yet,please let your finger click on HERE.

This event will be my first task for 3R Freshy Competition.And yeah I was shocked at first and nervous of course.Gerr.This is so 'last minute' task! The event is just around the corner and I just knew it yesterday.Thank god sebab tiba-tiba rasa nak check email semalam.Kalau tak checked?Harammmm tak tahu apa.wakakaa.

I need to participate in their Solidarity Walk,which will take place at 4pm on that day.My tasks are as below,

  1. I have to invite and mobilise at least 15 of my friends, family, classmates, boyfriends, scandals (okay dua yang last tu tipu) to join in the walk.So this will be my team. Readers!!!!!!who's gonna be my team members? Gosh.So if you're free on this 13th March,please let me know and be in my team please?Aha.Yeah I'm serious lagi lagi kepada kaum keluarga yang membaca,please block your date on March 13.Im begging!( asal tulis macam menggelabah semangat sangat ni.-_-)
  2. Each team have to wear a theme colour t-shirt or something that unite we and our team.Okay mana nak cari tees at the moment??? Last minute dah ni!(jangan nak menggelabah ayam sangatlah tulis.Cool sudahh.-_-) Quite tangled thinking about where to find a cool tees and so on.I'll look out sooner or later.
  3. Prepare sandwich boards,(okay bukan papan sandwich ya tapi sepanduk) relating to the solidarity walk.For your information this year's International Women's Day global theme is 'Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity, Progress For All'.

Therefore,I really hope that all of you yang telah membaca entry ini boleh hadir untuk memeriahkan lagi event ini.To my precious followers,readers,silent readers, you all are compulsory to attend this.wakakakaa.Untuk bloggers pula.Jomlah datang beramai-ramai.Mana tahu boleh jadi blogger's gathering sekali?Haa Mel jalankan kerja anda.wakakaka.

Seriously,Im freaking excited bout it and come on folks!Lets rock the day without forget our real mission there.Heh heh.

p/s : Im worried if my family or one of them have something which more important to catch up in sudden..hmm.


Amirez said...

abg tau awin nak ajak abg sekali..
tapi abg bgtau awal² abg x dpt nak join ah 13hb..ada urusan kerajaan.
mesti awin sedih tp takpelah..padan muka drp abg haha :P

p/s: hari ni hari poyo sedunia

Ajwin Ajeera said...

wow pengantin baru la.haha
kuang asammmm.
so tgh mencuba utk jadi poyo ke?
tak jadi ponnnnn

Melz said...

ok tengah sign up.. cismore lama gila depa nak reply ..

ada 5 vote ? nak guna semua ke ? wakakkaak

Ajwin Ajeera said...

a'ah..dorg bg email lmbt skit.. smpai 5 kali tau!
n guna sume email yg mel ade!
thanks tau..:)

Deya Zanial said...

nk joinnn haha.
awin ape lagi? jom lah jelajah segamat cari tempat nk print tees HAHA -_-"

joegrimjow said...

13 march p birm
tengok all england
xley join

lagipon ku laki
amek gambar banyak2 ye

Ajwin Ajeera said...

Deya Zainal,

amoi pun mcm berminat.
tak tau lg la deya
mcm tak beli baju je..

Ajwin Ajeera said...


tak kisah pun laki pmpuan..
tp mmg jauh sgt aah kn klu nk dtg.

Deya Zanial said...

haha jom jom. kite ramaikn budak uitm segar amat kat sanee HAHA -_-"

Unknown said...

semangat! semangat!

Ajwin Ajeera said...

Deya Zainal,

lecturer uitm segamat tanak?

Ajwin Ajeera said...


memang semangat habesss ni.

Deya Zanial said...

heh bawak je. jgn lupe lect MKT kesayangan tuu hakhak !

Ajwin Ajeera said...

sengal lah deya..

RunWitMe said...

Hi! Just blog surfing.

I am going to be there too....for Dayang Nurfaizah. :)

Check out some pic from the press con here. :)

RunWitMe said...
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