Thursday, July 4, 2019

Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone!

First and foremost, a very Happy belated Birthday to Butterfly Project! A leading beauty blogger community in Malaysia. 6 years in the industry is such a long way and you guys are still standing strong and keep on hustling! A huge congratulations by coming this far, may The Butterfly Project have many more years of success and joy! I am so thankful and grateful to be able to celebrate it together and from the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you for still inviting me and having me (blogger paling malas lol) , I think I am the only one who receives a lot of emails from Mamasan Tammy (Im sorry:( ) BUTTT you still having me though with open arms and sincere heart. Can't thank you enough for that. Also, this birthday party is the BEST and MAGICAL party I've ever been. Everything is so pretty guys! From the entrance, the food spread, the table (oh my gosh o pretty), the hilarious performance and guess what? We got the invitation to a birthday party BUT we are the one who received the pressie! Scroll down if you wanna see what I've got...

Delicious and scrumptious food spread by Jom Party.

We had Pie Tee, Mini Chicken Burger, Mini Chicken Pie, assorted Sandwich Platter, assorted Dim Sum, Siew Mai, Mini Pao for appetizers. I was busy chatting with my friends and ended up having only the chicken burger! But I ate it a lot haha. It was so good! For the main course, we had Pasta Salad with Mixed Nuts and Roasted Chicken. So yummy yet healthy! Brilliant idea to cook for my family. The best part jeng jeng jeng, of course the desserts! Jom Party are so generous on the desserts spread, we can't choose! We are spoilt by them like seriously. The desserts are Mini Flower Fruits Tarts, Mini Fruits Pavlova, Lemon Curd Cake Slices, Brownies and Butterfly Cream Cupcake Swirl with Butterfly Fondant!

Party decoration and balloons from The Blossom Balloons.

I super love the decorations. Feels like seeing Pinterest photo in real life. All white and little bit of colour here and there, choice of chair, the hanging balloons in the air, everything just so perfect. Great choice, whoever design and organize this party. 

Hilarious performance by Joanne Kam.

Honestly, this was my first time seeing Joanne Kam's performance and I swear to God, she is so damn funny!! I can't hold my laughter and tears too haha. And of course I can't beat her assets. HAHA. If you know, you know! In a serious note, I would wanttttt to see her again in the future if I got the chance. She surely know how to make jokes and I am super proud of her coz she don't look like her age! Guess what her age is.. ;)

Flower crown making session by Avantgarde Blooms.

Ok guys, I am not creative enough to make pretty flower crown.. Huaa. But I tried and tried.. I gave up at one point, and I stop, and just gone to food spread to release the stress haha. After I ate my brownies, Iam more calm and can do the activity again LOL. I finished mine and I must say that I'm proud of myself! I know how to make flower crown guys... It's like achievement unlocked! Thanks to the pretty fresh flowers by Avantgarde Blooms! Also, the person behind this florist was so helpful,she keep looking and helping around those in need (ME!). Hugs!

Fresh flavorful tea by T-Sticks Malaysia.

Attention to tea lovers! Now you may having tea anywhere you want without bother to bring your teabags or teaspoon! From the UK to Malaysia, you can just stir T-Sticks tea directly from the packet itself to your tumbler or cup. Easy peasy, right? Also, they have 10 lovely flavors to choose from. We are so lucky to get to try and smell all different kinds of teas! You guys should really try it. I simply love Tangy Orange tea!

Hand painted Macaron by Macarons by Madeleine.

I really love the table decorations. So cute with the name card, balloons, cupcakes, giftboxes, candles and flowers.. As you can see from the photo above, there are also, a hand painted Macaron! How talented, right???! She painted a rose and a star on my Macarons. Also, it tasted so good! I swear it is so nice, had to share only a small bite of the Macaron for my husband and son LOL. I definitely know where to order my Macarons after this ;)

A surprise gift from Yves Rocher and The Butterfly Project.

Taadaa! We got a huge birthday gift box from Yves Rocher. I never tried this brand and always wanted to try, so eager to try it for the first time. As well as Butterfly Project's 6th Birthday, Yves Rocher was also celebrated their 60 years old anniversary! That's a long long way, man. Congratulations Yves Rocher! 60 years of committed beauty, with respect for women and nature.

Thank youuuuu The Butterfly Project for the sweet little pink heart stone necklace! I love it so much!! Coz I love pink and anything in heart shaped! <3 font="">

Last but not least, many thanks again to Mamasan Tammy and The Butterfly Project for having me, for organizing this dreamy 6th Birthday Party and most importantly for making us really feels like butterfly in the magical garden filled with beautiful flowers and sparkles. Hugs!

Thanks for reading!

Much love,
Ajwin Ajeera

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