Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Etude House Any Cushion Aqua Touch Review

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Previously I went to Flamingo Bloom X Etude House event in Sunway Pyramid and luckily I got a privileged to try the new Etude House products features which is Mini Two Match and Any Cushion Aqua Touch SPF34 PA++! 

Unlike the title, actually I'm gonna review two (2) Etude House products which is what I have mentioned above..First, I'm gonna start with Mini Two Match. 

Mini Two Match is a mini lipstick that helps you to create the perfect combination by matching color and texture for your lips! Just clink and match two (2) of your ideal choices, combine them with the magnetic holder! 

Mini Two Match comes in different textures like moisture, highly matte, semi matte, glossy and pearl! Yes they have it all. Of course with that textures, they did not only comes with normal lipstick but they also have lip balm, lip concealer, lip color, color mix and lip topper! If you purchase two (2) pieces of Mini Two Match, you will get a FREE magnetic holder! So yes, you can buy one lip balm and one lip color, or one lip color and one lip topper and you get to stick them together with the magnetic holder! If you want to purchase more Mini Two Match later, you can just exchange the color from the magnetic holder.

In case if you are wondering what is lip topper means..you really have to check out Etude House stores now. It is a pearl glitter mini lipstick that expresses splendid lip color by reapplying over general lipstick! They have in code Mermaid Lady, My Rosy Life and Gold Mansour! You just put a lil bit on your lips, top your lipstick of course so you will have mermaid/unicorn/shimmery color kinda lip look. 

My first Mini Two Match lipstick code is Fresh Tomato.

The other one is in code Gentle Brick.

Both swatches on my hand. Right is Gentle Brick and left is Fresh Tomato. I feel like there is not so much different between these two shades haha. Fresh Tomato is just more deeper. That's all. But do not trust your hands. Let me try on my lip!

In code Gentle Brick

In code Fresh Tomato

Almost the same right? Just a slightly different. If I wanna look glam, wanna go to dinner, I will choose deeper one like Fresh Tomato, but if I just wanna go to NSK beli ikan I will just wear Gentle Brick then. Anyway, I'm also using Any Cushion Aqua Touch cushion foundation on my face.

This is what Mini Two Match looks like when attached and closed. If you wanna go somewhere like short vacay, you don't need to bring tons of lippies anymore if you bring this Etude House Mini Two Match!

Price : RM 32.50 each lipstick

Moving on! Next is Etude House Any Cushion Aqua Touch SPF34 PA++

I got it in shade Neutral Vanilla. This cushion foundation have moisturizer and cooling effect, enable you to regain glow dewy skin with deeper hydration and refreshing feel. Ideal for touch up during hot weather. I tried and my first impression was, 'It is so cold!' I like it!

It comes with velvety royal blue puff.

I can say that this cushion foundation gave me medium coverage on my scars. I like to wear this on my daily makeup look. Not heavy and easy to apply. Etude House have total of seven (7) color shades to choose from! 

Price : RM 88.00

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