Thursday, September 5, 2019

Transforming Home Decor with Dazzling Nippon Paint Gold Paint

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone!

After moving to our new home, I can say that I'm a little bit addicted in decorating our house. I mean, no more spending on clothes, shoes, bags and even make up. Yes, I am just literally spending all my money on furnitures, decorative items and home stuffs only! Gosh.. I even buy some online. No more Zara and Forever21. Now, just say hello to Ikea, Kaison and Spotlight. xD

I didn't set any specific theme for our home at first.. but when I was scrolling down Pinterest to check for home decor ideas, I really felt in love with Country style kind of decor, you know like kampung Mat Saleh punya style, mix with a little Bohemian Chic on the side. When I say country style decor, the colour palette is basically white, gold, greyish, and nude brown. Designs must be like  old English/American kind of style. For Bohemian Chic, I would prefer to have a little bit of rattan items in the house ( they're so pretty!) , and lots of indoor green plants. So yup that's all my interest right now.

Because most of furnitures are in off white, I think it would be a great idea to have some of my decorative items in a dazzling gold colour. Thank goodness, I met Nippon Paint Gold Paint for my mini Create-It-Yourself (CIY) project at home! The Gold Paint is just luxurious, grand and classy. There are some words commonly associated with the colour gold. In any space at home from exterior to interior, be it the deck/porch, kitchen, living room or even bathroom, the colour gold definitely brings out an edgy yet classy vibe to its surrounding. Today, gold remains a favourite colour amongst household as it offers a quaint yet glamourous touch when complemented with the right shades and accents.

Although gold is deemed a warm colour, it still looks great when paired with shades from the same spectrum such as pastel yellow and rust orange. When it comes to giving certain areas at home a refreshed look and feel, all it takes is some inspiration to kick start my CIY project!

For my mini CIY project, I just transform a blood red frame in my living area to a very charming gold colour. So in love with it!

This is the photo frame that I got earlier from Ikea, it was on sale so I just have to grab it even though the colour red is so not matching my house rules haha. Nippon Paint Gold Paint just come in time for rescue! 

With the Nippon Paint Gold Paint, you can easily give small items at home a makeover, and watch how its transforms the space and ambience. Easily applicable to all types of surfaces at home, whether its wood, concrete, plaster and metal, the gold paint is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (its made to withstand our Malaysian wheather!) Not only does it cover a wide range of surfaces, but it also provides your newly-made over items with a luxurious looking finish. That's why I like it so much!

Tadaaa.. the transformation of my red photo frame. Doesn't it looks classy? Love the vibe that Nippon Paint Gold Paint brings to this area!

So guys, you too can transform anything in the house! You'll never know of the endless ideas you can have to 'refresh' some old items with just a splash of gold paint.

Thinking of how you kick start your very own CIY project? Well, stop wondering! Why not pick up some old (or random) items lying around at home? You'd be surprised to find out how you can turn the smallest objects from gold! From outdated decorative items, to old cookie containers, the list truly goes on and on. Need a quick fix? Paint the lids of your old jars gold and they instantly turn into a decorative item for the dining room! Unleash your creativity with Nippon Paint Gold Paint!

To get a hold of Nippon Paint Gold Paint (priced at RM35 / 250gm per tub), simply make your way to your nearest paint dealers and you can start your CIY project journey! Happy painting everyone!

And I have even better news for all of you! There's a chance to win the Nippon Paint Gold Paint for 20 of my lucky readers!

All you need to do is to simply answer the question below in 25 words or less :

If you can paint any of your possessions gold, what will you paint and why? 

Do also hashtag #NipponPaint #PaintAllSurfaces in your entries to stand a chance to win!

I'll be selecting the top 20 most creative responses so make sure you get your creative juices flowing!

The contest will end on 10th September 2019. Terms and conditions apply.

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To learn more about the Nippon Paint Gold Paint, check out HERE

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