Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Canmake Funfair

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone!

When I first got the invitation from Canmake Malaysia, to come to the Canmake Funfair, I am so excited! Honestly, I am not really familiar with this brand. Then I googled and made some research, oh my god..first thing came out from my mouth was, comelnya packaging dia! So feminine, lovey dovey and rasa macam princess princess gitu.

Canmake is actually a famous cosmetics brand from Tokyo, Japan and they just come to Malaysia like few years now. Biasanya kalau from Japan, memang packaging mesti kawaii la kan? I will elaborate more about the product later on another blog post. For now, I'm just gonna share my experience with Canmake Funfair! I got invited for the first session actually. That was held in The International Gallery @ ALYA Kuala Lumpur but I was having another event at the same time. But luckily they made another session the next day at PlayUp Advance, Fahrenheit88. Weehoo!

Canmake representative from Tokyo, Japan 

Live make up tutorial using all Canmake's make up products by Kres Kuang Makeup to youtuber, Michorie.

And then we received these two tickets! Most exciting parts for this Canmake Funfair!

For the first ticket, I gotta play and catch this cutie Canmake doll, Can-chan! Omg ni first time kot main benda ni. I am so noob haha. Tapi fun! Nasib baiklah dapat juga catch satu xD

Another ticket is for this Canmake's vending machine! Gotta choose which number and just entered to received the surprise box! 

These are new Canmake's products. I honestly have tried their product and I am so amazed ok. Tak sabar nak cerita pasal product pula on my next post.

You all can get this Canmake's cosmetics from selected Sasa, Guardian Malaysia and PlayUp Advance in Fahrenheit88!

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